Questioning Techniques in the Math Classroom 

Sometimes all it takes to change a teacher's style is to change the type of questions she asks. This four-session, self-paced, moderated online course was designed to help teachers become more aware of the types of questions they typically use. It examines the following interconnected topics:

  • Creating a culture of classroom discourse
  • Asking effective math questions to probe and further student thinking
  • Providing wait/think time
  • Making the most of student mistakes

Through exposure to research, discussion with other participants, and self-observation and reflection, you will explore and implement strategies to prioritize student reasoning and communication in the math classroom. No prior math background is required, but you must have access to a math classroom to complete assignments. February 6 – March 13. REGISTER HERE!


Analyzing Student Work to Inform Math Instruction

In this facilitated, asynchronous online course teachers will learn how to improve their ability to give productive feedback and make instructional decisions based on what students are producing in class. Coursework includes reading and reflecting on articles, and engaging in collaborative analyses of student work. Appropriate for all teachers involved in adult numeracy instruction, at all levels. Total completion time is approximately 8 hours. February 20 – March 13. REGISTER HERE!

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