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 The latest issues of STAR Tips and Techniques have now been posted, for March and April 2018.

The March issue contains descriptions of:

  • A Process for Problem Solving, including a problem solving template
  • The article Reading Comprehension Strategies for Adult Literacy Outcomes,¬†first published in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy in November 2005
  • Free Yourself when Selecting Words for Vocabulary Instruction, including a list of commonly used tier 2 words

In the April issue, read about how the new blended STAR training incorporates all seven features of effective professional development identified in a 2017 report from the Learning Policy Institute, and about barriers to learning identified in the same report.


Darling-Hammond, L., Hyler, M.E., & Garner, M. (2017). Effective teacher professional development. Retrieved March 8, 2018, from Palo Alto, CA: Learning Policy Institute.

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