If there ever was a time for the skills of finding credible sources, understanding information in a variety of formats, getting the gist, sorting through evidence, figuring out and accurately using new words and phrases, building knowledge, and communicating clearly--that time is certainly now.

You've received official communications from jobs, schools, and various levels of government. Here are some of the links they reference, plus a few additional resources that may be helpful. (If you'd like to understand just why washing your hands with soap is effective, read this article.)

As the situation settles into a new normal, we'll add more relevant teaching ideas like these from from Facing History & Ourselves. In the meantime, stay well, and stay in touch.

Updates and Information:


And finally, here's the PDF of an article from March 9 (with follow-up tweets) by chemistry professor Palli Thordarson on why "deadly viruses are no match for plain soap" (and another version of the article at The Guardian):

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