Please join us for the next in our series of meetings that provide you with the opportunity to network, discuss how your year is going, and raise issues for discussion with your director colleagues.

We encourage you to come with questions and needs that your colleagues can help you think through.

At this session, we will discuss updates to our FY22 PD Catalog to help you effectively plan PD for the second half of the year. We will also begin to brainstorm ideas for new sharing group meetings that will be organized by program type. Based on your feedback, we propose to offer these additional opportunities at least twice per year.

Register by clicking on the links below.

Directors' Sharing and Learning Groups:

Northeast: 1/31/21 am

Southeast: 1/31/22 pm

West: 2/1/22 am

Central: 2/2/22 am

Boston: 2/2/22 pm

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