Learning Gain

Green arrow pointing up out of a cloud Rather than learning loss, this year has seen a huge learning gain for adult education practitioners: how to adapt to all sorts of new instructional situations, holding classes and tutoring sessions over Zoom and Google Meet, creating and posting videos on YouTube, working with Google Classroom or Blackboard, using interactive tools like Jamboard and Padlet, communicating with students via Google Voice and WhatsApp... all while not losing sight of the fundamentals of good teaching, of ourselves and our students, and of the situations in which we found ourselves this year.

Yes, And

Yes, many of us are or will be teaching in person again, and components of remote instruction are here to stay. What do you want to keep from this year as you plan for next year and perhaps teach this summer: a favorite online tool? Class website? Communications strategies?

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Next year we will host a series of remote roundtables for ELA distance and hybrid teaching and learning. Do you have a technique or strategy that worked particularly well for remote or blended ELA instruction?

What was a problem or issue you had this past year with remote ELA teaching and learning, and what strategy, tool, app, or platform was part of your solution? Any tips for teachers trying this themselves? Share with us.

Find ELA Resources

Search the ELA distance learning resources, and check out these highlights.


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