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The ESOL Curriculum & Instruction PD Center is ready to support you in the development – and use – of your standards-based ESOL curriculum

ACLS’ curriculum policy states that by June 2019, adult ESOL programs are required to use a curriculum that…

Additionally, in January 2019, ACLS will release a set of Revised ESOL Standards for Language Proficiency in College, Careers and Daily Life (working title) that combines the CCRSAE and the MA Curriculum Framework for ESOL into a single document. 

While the expectation is that over time ESOL programs will align their curriculum and instruction to this new document, the new standards will be aligned to the CCRSAE.  More importantly, preparing adult English language learners for postsecondary education, training, and family-sustaining wages will remain a priority.

So, there is plenty you can do right now to ensure your curriculum and instruction are standards-aligned by the June 2019--there’s no need to wait for the revised document!   

The SABES PD Center for ESOL Curriculum and Instruction is here to help!

What You Can Do Now:

  • Review your curriculum materials (Scope and Sequence, Unit Plans, and Lesson Plans).  What does your program need to do to complete development of a standards-based curriculum?
  • Identify how your team members use curricula materials in the classroom.  Have all teachers made the instructional shifts in their language and math instruction?  Do all teachers in your program integrate the standards into their lessons?  What areas need improvement?
  • Peruse the SABES website for professional development opportunities that can help you and your colleagues develop and use a standards-based curriculum.
  • Contact the ESOL C&I PD Center for ideas on how to get started (Dori McCormack, Director,, or 508-854-4514).

How We Can Help:

  • Workshops on Curriculum and Instruction:
    • ESOL Curriculum and Instructional Design
    • ESOL Instructional Delivery and Classroom Management
    • Unit Planning Using Backward Design
    • Writing (and Refining) an ESOL Scope and Sequence
    • College and Career Readiness for Beginning ELLs? Yes We Can!
    • Bringing Civics to Life in the ESOL Classroom
    • Recipe for Success – The CCRSAE Instructional Shifts (Offered through the ELA C&I PD Center)
    • Mathematizing ESOL (Offered through the Math C&I PD Center)

Visit the SABES Calendar for dates and times of these high-quality PD offerings.

  • Curriculum Review & Feedback and Coaching
    • Our ESOL curriculum specialists will review and provide constructive, individualized feedback for program curricula (Scope and Sequence, Unit Plans, Lesson Plans) submitted to the ESOL C&I PD Center in fall 2018 or winter 2019 (no later than April 2019). 
    • Upon request, we will work directly with all ESOL practitioners contributing to curriculum development in your program, coaching educator teams through the process of writing, refining, and using a standards-aligned curriculum.

To arrange for curriculum review & feedback, and/or coaching, please contact Dori McCormack, Director of the ESOL Curriculum & Instruction PD Center, at or 508-854-4514

  • Useful Resources for Curriculum and Instruction:

    • What is Backward Design? An explanation of a very useful approach to unit and lesson planning
    • Templates for ESOL Scope and Sequence, Unit Plan, and Lesson Plan
    • An Overview of the Standards for Adult ELLs in MA: A 20-minute video introducing the CCRSAE and MA ABE Curriculum Framework for ESOL
    • Sample Unit Plans: Three sample ESOL unit plans with accompanying lesson plans for beginning, low-intermediate, and high-intermediate ESL levels will soon be available on the SABES website
    • LINCS ESL Pro Issue Briefs on College and Career Readiness for ELLs

For more information contact: Dori McCormack, Director ESOL Curriculum & Instruction PD Center, at or 508-854-4514

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