ESOL Offerings Through October

In our quest to reduce emails to your inbox, SABES is trying another tack. Monday we sent out a list of Math offerings in October; today (Wednesday) we are sending out ELA and ESOL offerings; and Thursday, Program Support offerings. These program-specific emails will give more information than our comprehensive list from a few weeks ago. Please tell us which you prefer at It's not perfect yet, but we'll try to get this down to a system that works for you! 

Facilitated / Online Blended

Using a Class Website for the Virtual and In-Person ESOL Classroom (Online Blended)

In this workshop, participants will begin to build their own simple class website to enhance ESOL instruction in both remote and blended classes. A class website allows for greater efficiency and creativity for teachers while also developing students' digital literacy and independent learning skills.

Listening In: Focused Listening Instruction for the ESOL Virtual Classroom

In this session, teachers learn how to provide learners with active online listening practice, transfer effective listening tasks from the in-person classroom to online ones, and use Zoom features to enhance a variety of fun and engaging activities.

Promoting English Leaners' Success through Scaffolding

Come see how to scaffold learning so that ALL learners can have success with complex tasks regardless of their English proficiency level! Scaffolding includes building on learners' prior knowledge, promoting supportive classroom interactions, providing language supports and tools, and assessing when learners are ready to move to the next level of complexity. Examples of scaffolding techniques for beginning through advanced English learners will be provided, and participants  will consider applications to their settings. 

Speak Up! Conversations and Discussions in the ESOL Virtual Classroom

In this two-hour Zoom session, teachers will experience three speaking and listening tasks that work well across EL proficiency levels in the virtual classroom. They will explore ways to provide direct instruction in the language strategies learners need to effectively complete these tasks, and examine several speaking/listening assessment tools including rubrics and checklists.   

Beginner's Mind: Best Practices in Teaching Beginners Remotely (Online Blended)

During two 90-minute sessions hosted on Zoom, this workshop will focus on best practices in teaching beginning English learners: culturally responsive community building, meaningful content and context, scaffolding, differentiation, formative and summative assessment, and release of responsibility for learning.  

Reading Minds: ESOL Reading Instruction in the Virtual Classroom

In this two-hour Zoom session, participants learn first-hand how to transfer close reading instruction, as well as paired and jigsaw reading tasks, to the virtual classroom.

Engaging and Supporting English Learners in Adult Education Classes (Online Blended)

This informative and engaging multi-part workshop is designed to increase Adult Education (AE) teachers’ understanding of the needs of English learners (ELs) in the AE classroom and to provide practical strategies and resources to better address these needs. The workshop will help bring awareness to the particular language and cultural needs of ELs; develop teacher knowledge of key second language acquisition principles and teaching strategies; and guide teachers in applying these principles and strategies to more effectively support the ELs in the AE classroom. Co-hosted by the SABES ESOL and ELA PD Centers.

The Trauma-Informed Classroom

Trauma impacts the ability to learn. In this 90-minute session hosted by the ELA and ESOL C&I PD Centers, determine how to identify signs of psychological trauma and how to create safe spaces for learning, whether online or in person.

Google Classroom: A Learning Management System for the Virtual ESOL Class

In this two-part session, delivered on Zoom, you will learn how to use the most important features of Google Classroom, experiencing the tool as both as an English learner and ESOL teacher.  You will need a Google account to participate.

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