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Leading for Meaningful Change: The Director’s Role in Promoting Effective Teaching and Advising

If you agree that as adult educators, we are first and foremost accountable to our students, then you understand the critical role of directors in setting high expectations for effective teaching and advising to foster strong learner outcomes. Directors understand that this is no small task, and that it touches every aspect of their work, from the obvious (e.g. hiring and retaining strong teachers and advisors, teacher observations) to the less obvious (e.g., managing the budget so staff has adequate time to attend professional development as well as the all-important common meeting and planning time). Directors also know that working conditions play an important role in attracting and retaining strong staff.


The SABES Program Support PD Center offers a variety of professional development opportunities (see also our related article on advising) to help you build this culture in your programs. We are pleased to highlight several upcoming events within our educational leadership priority:

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