ACLS launched its revised FY19-FY22 adult education professional development system (SABES) on Monday, July 2, 2018, and now the website reflects the new structure! The new PD system consists of five centers that function as one coordinated system, providing the same high quality professional development. You’ll recognize these centers:

Work priorities of the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) PD Centers include:

  • strengthening practitioner content knowledge
  • CCRSAE implementation and contextualized curriculum
  • effective instructional strategies with application to classroom practice
  • addressing the needs of adults with learning disabilities
  • integration of digital literacy into the content and delivery of PD
  • integration of formative (and other) assessments and use of assessment results to inform practice
  • teacher induction support with an emphasis on the importance of being a reflective practitioner
  • instructional leadership PD and TA for AE program leaders

Work priorities of the Program Support PD Center include:

  • AE program management and educational leadership (e.g., using data for continuous program improvement, Educator Growth and Evaluation cycle implementation)
  • career pathways and workforce initiatives (e.g., strengthening collaborations, sharing promising IET and IELCE models)
  • digital literacy, technology, and distance learning support
  • education and career advising
  • professional licensure support
  • leadership in the area of cultural competence
  • ADA resources and training

Work priorities of the PD System Communication Center include:

  • maintenance of the PD System website with online calendar, registration, and resource library
  • promotional and communication support to PD centers and adult education programs
  • annual PD survey to adult education practitioners

Check the SABES website regularly as we update it to reflect the new structure and add calendar events and new resources!  

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