Do you want to increase your capacity (and your program's capacity) to skillfully advise students with credentials and degrees from other countries? 

Please complete this interest form to indicate your interest in having an hour -long coaching call (with the option for follow-up calls). Requests will be received on a first come first served basis, and all calls will need to be completed by June 11th, 2021.

Topics for coaching can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Thinking through a specific student cases
  • Intake and process systems to better serve this population
  • Discussing making referrals vs. in house support
  • Learn more about specific resources for students
  • Developing or learning about career pathways for this population

This coaching opportunity follows a panel on April 7th, 2021 on Advising Students with Foreign Degrees and Credentials, Hear from the Experts. You can view the recording here. 

Our three coaches are: 

  • Analuz Garcia is the Assistant Director of Community and International Relations at Northern Essex Community College. NECC’s Latino Program for International Higher Education (PIÉS) could help you if you are a foreign professional who has obtained a degree or started your education outside of the U.S. and would like to continue in your career path. They do this through: Evaluation of credentials, and academic and career advising.
  • Emmanuel Owusu is the Executive Director of the African Bridge Network, which creates a supportive community for African and skilled immigrants to maximize their potential in Massachusetts. The African Bridge Network creates a supportive community that enables Africans and skilled immigrants in Massachusetts to leverage their qualifications and experiences in order to maximize their potential. They do this through: Professional Networking, Professional Mentorship, Job Search and Career Advising, and Orientation Workshops
  • Shinobu Ando is the director of Next Steps Transitional English Program (Next STEP) at Asian American Civic Association (AACA), a community-based multi-service organization in Boston's Chinatown. Next STEP is Levels 6-10 in the continuum of the agency’s 10 levels of ESOL classes. The program is funded by DESE and prepares adult learners for college and vocational training. Career Advancement for Professionals (CAP) is an innovative ESOL program that blends instruction and job search activities designed to meet the employment needs of immigrants with college degrees and professional backgrounds from their native countries so that they can reclaim their careers.

Please note: Coaches will help you address challenges, think through systems, and get connected to resources. Coaches will not directly advise your students or complete tasks for you. 

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