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Fact Sheet No. 9: Formative Assessment (2010)
This fact sheet is a basic primer on formative assessment including the elements of the formative assessment process, recommended strategies and an excellent list of resources.
Using Student-Involved Classroom Assessment to Close Achievement Gaps (2005)
This article by Rick Stiggins and Jan Chappuis was published in Theory into Practice in 2005. The authors argue that the failure of 60 years of total reliance on assessment via standardized tests to help reduce achievement score gaps must compel us to rethink the role of assessment in this endeavor...
Formative Assessment: Research Briefing (2008)
This paper summarizes the key messages from the National Research and Development Centre and other research and development activity on formative assessment in adult learning. This has been an under-researched area: much of the work on formative assessment in the United Kingdom and internationally...
Formative Assessment in the Classroom (Webinar)
Learning gains from formative assessment practices are among the largest reported for any educational intervention. In this one hour webinar, we identify when and how to assess students in the classroom. With examples, we share how to connect your classroom goals with assessment methods.
Types of Assessments: A Head-to-Head Comparison - Education Week
This chart is a useful guide for distinguishing different kinds of student assessments.
TABE CLAS-E Writing Recertification Review - Webinar
This is a recording of the TABE CLAS-E Writing Recertification Review as it was presented on Friday, February 26 from 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. The session reviews the scores and rationale from last year's recertification test. We hope this is a helpful review for practitioners about to complete this year's...
Formative Assessment: Why, What, and Whether - by W. James Popham
Formative assessment is a planned process in which assessment-elicited evidence of students' status is used by teachers to adjust their ongoing instructional procedures or by students to adjust their current learning tactics.
Linking assessment, instruction and learning in Science and Mathematics - by Page Keeley
In this article, the author responds to the the question, "When do we use formative assessment and how do we pick a formative assessment technique?" She briefly explains several stages: engagement and readiness, eliciting prior knowledge, exploration and discovery, concept and skill development,...
Assessment for Learning - What Policymakers Should Know About Formative Assessment - M. Orland & J. Anderson
This article focuses on what formative assessment is and a bit about what it is not. It discusses evidence of how formative assessment affects learning. Finally, it addresses the question of next steps for policymakers.
Community of Practice (COP) - Assessment
LINCS Technology and Learning Community of Practice (COP) Become more informed, get involved, and be inspired! Share your knowledge with the Assessment Group and help advance our field of practice. The LINCS Assessment COP is a place for adult educators to discuss research and evidence-based...