The SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership and Strengthening ABE Programs is based at Quinsigamond Community College and Holyoke Community College. Our center provides high-quality professional development including Foundations for New Staff and Directors Sharing and Study Groups. For more information, please contact our director, Sue Miller, at or 508-854-4513.

Ed Leadership: Resources, Research and Curriculum

Resource The Growth Mindset
This video is a 47-minute talk that Carol Dweck gave at Google. There are also links to shorter clips taken from that video on:1. the culture of...
Research/Evidence-Based Practice Spotlight: Growth Mindset
This resource contains a variety of articles on growth mindset, including summaries of research on the topic as well as articles and a commentary....
Resource mindset works
This website contains a wealth of resources, including videos, on mindset. Mindset Works was co-founded by Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New...

Ed Leadership: Our Team

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