Diagram PD Sequence for EBRI

Support your students with Evidence-Based Reading Instruction tools and strategies. Support yourself / your colleagues in this endeavor with quality professional development from the SABES ELA Curriculum & Instruction PD Center.

Get the big picture with To the Point: WIOA, EBRI, and STAR.

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STAR PD—For practitioners teaching or supporting a STAR class (targeted to GLE 4–8)

STAR training takes place over several months and includes self-paced online modules, live webinars, and an online community of practice. Participation in STAR includes coaching and technical assistance. STAR registrants who are only teaching GLE 4–8 do not need to enroll in other EBRI PD.

The STAR Cohort for FY20 was interrupted by the emergency teach-from-home situation in the Spring of 2020. Stay tuned for details on how the FY20 Cohort will finish up this year, and when the FY21 Cohort will begin.

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General EBRI PD—For practitioners of emerging and advanced readers

  • Overview of EBRI (asynchronous webinar; prerequisite for other EBRI PD)—Repeats monthly; see ELA Events for monthly registrations
  • Diagnostic Assessments of Reading (online course; prerequisite for other EBRI PD)—Will be offered once in the Fall and once in the Spring
  • **NEW**Remotely Administer Diagnostic Reading Assessments (live webinar; for those who have already completed Diagnostic Assessments of Reading with Dr. John Strucker, or completed STAR training)
  • Alphabetics (online course; for GLE 0–3)
  • Fluency (online course; for GLE 0–3)—Will be offered in 2021
  • Teaching Advanced Readers (online course, for GLE 9–12)—Will be offered in 2021

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EBRI Coaching: Ask the ELA C&I PD Center about working with an EBRI coach for post-PD support with implementation.

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