Following are resources related to creating and adapting ELA curricula, whether for yourself or your program. We will update links and add resources, so do check back.

Be sure to also look at our collection of resources related to the CCR Standards and Mass. ABE Frameworks, an essential part of your curricula.

General Guidance

Curricula created by Massachusetts ABE practitioners:

Find Texts

Determine the Complexity of Texts

Determining text complexity is a skill covered to greater or lesser degree in ELA PD offerings including Selecting Appropriate Texts, Making the Standards Come Alive, and Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions.

Briefly, use three steps:

  1. QUANTITATIVE: Use quantitative measures to assign a text to a grade band [Juicy Studio, Lexile Framework, Intervention Central, Readability Calculator)
  2. QUALITATIVE: Use these rubrics to analyze the complexity of a text that appears to be within the GLE for your students;
  3. READER & TASK: Use professional judgment to decide how suited the text is for a task (a specific instructional purpose) with the readers - the students in front of you rather than generic students.

Pre-existing Curricula; adapt for ABE

SABES is here for you:

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