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 Priority Lenses

The Priority Lenses below are drawn from ACLS priorities stated in the Massachusetts ABE Professional Standards, the ACLS webpages for Curriculum & Instruction, and the MA Indicators of Program Quality. Teachers and programs can use these lenses to focus on specific aspects of ELA curriculum & instruction.

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Assessment

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  CCRSAE & Standards-Based Teaching

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Contextualization and Relevance

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Culturally Responsive Teaching

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Differentiation

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Digital Literacy and Technology

Lens by Those Icons at Flaticon  Evidence-Based Instruction (including EBRI)

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Topic Area
ADEI (anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion)
CCRSAE (College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education)
Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching
Curriculum Development
Distance and Blended Learning
EBRI (Evidence-Based Reading Instruction)
Learning Disabilities / Differences
Professional Standards
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PD Center
SABES English Language Arts Curriculum & Instruction PD Center