SABES Upcoming Events
Title Date Overview
LACES Measurable Skill Gains Tracking for Tables 4 and 11 (Online Facilitated) -

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will facilitate this two-hour webinar and review Tables 4 & 11: Measurable Skill Gains (MSG), which include definitions, data entry, and searching/reporting.

Using Google Classroom for Teaching and Learning (Online Facilitated) -

In this two-session Zoom workshop, you will learn how to use the most important features of the Google Classroom learning management system (LMS) to organize a remote ESOL class, communicate with English learners, and promote student communication and digital literacy skills. In the first session, you will experience the tool as… read more

Student Leadership: Leveraging the Power of Student Voice, Part 2 (Online Facilitated) -

Research shows that centering student voice in the life of a program increases student persistence by fostering student engagement, cultivating a sense of community, and building student ownership of their own learning. Student leadership also promotes the “liberation” concepts shared in our UPD ADEI work: power… read more

English Learners in the ABE Math Classroom (Self-Paced Modules)

Most adult education programs have English learners (ELs) in their adult basic education (ABE) courses. These ELs, like their native English-speaking classmates, are often working toward their HiSET or other education and career goals. This online course is designed help adult education instructors teach math to… read more

Planning for Continuous Improvement (Online Faciltiated) -

Do you believe that you are first and foremost accountable to the adult learners in your program? Are you looking for innovative ways to accelerate their learning, promote successful outcomes, and better support their planning and transitions to next steps? Do you strive to maximize the effectiveness of the time that your… read more