Title Date Overview
Volunteer Coordinator Sharing Group: Looking Back, Looking Ahead (Online Facilitated) -

This offering is a facilitated sharing and learning group for new and experienced Volunteer Coordinators and others in Adult Education programs that work with volunteers. This group will focus on looking back on the year and looking ahead to next year.

Advisor Sharing Group for Corrections Staff (Online Facilitated) -

This offering is a facilitated sharing and learning group for those with advising duties, working in a corrections setting. Meetings are loosely facilitated to encourage peer sharing, resource sharing, and group problem-solving.

Unit Planning Using Backward Design (Online Blended) -

In this participatory workshop, you will develop instructional units using the backward design approach, which aligns learning outcomes, assessments, and activities. 

Please note: You will access Zoom and other support materials via Blackboard. You cannot access the online course from the SABES website. You will… read more

BeCALM Geometry: Remote-Ready Materials for Beginning Learners (GLE 2-4) (Online Facilitated) -

BeCALM (Beginning Curriculum for Adults Learning Math) contains remote-ready units for adult learners who need math instruction at beginning levels (GLE 2-4). This workshop will introduce this curriculum, which can be used remotely or in person. The resource includes a printable student packet and shape set and a teacher’s guide… read more

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Circle of Practice (Online Facilitated) -

This 90 minute meeting gives an opportunity for Motivational Interviewing users to practice their craft under the guidance and supervision of an experienced practitioner. Participants are welcome to bring topics that stem from their own practice. Participants must have completed recent (within the last four years) basic… read more