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CALM Introduction (Self-Paced Modules)

This course is designed for teachers who are using or want to use the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM). CALM was created by the SABES Mathematics and Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD center to give teachers a full, rich, conceptually-based curriculum. CALM… read more

Foundations for New Staff (Online Facilitated)

If you’re new to working in adult education, you may have heard someone say that people enter the field of adult education “sideways”, meaning they often begin in other careers and then “find their way” to adult education.

Even though adult educators tend to have rich and varied backgrounds, they need and benefit from an… read more

FULL-Art of Advising (Online Facilitated) -

The Art of Advising introduces practical tools, strategies, and approaches for staff whose primary responsibility is advising. Content and activities focus on effective practices aligned with Indicator of Program Quality #7 (IPQ7).  IPQ7 addresses the equitable delivery of advising and support services to help students… read more

Designing Learning Experiences with Newsela (Online Facilitated) -

Are you wondering how to integrate free Newsela content and resources into your classroom instruction? We can help! In this workshop, we will review effective practices for designing and integrating digital assignments that support academic engagement with Newsela content. Working within Newsela, we will examine instructional… read more

Antiracist Praxis Study Circle (Online Facilitated) -

This study circle explores what teachers can do in their adult ESOL classrooms to counter systemic racism and white supremacy. Through deep reflection on the research and relevance of antiracist practices, participants will move beyond theory to acquire tools and strategies to apply in their teaching practice. The sessions will… read more