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The SABES ELA C&I PD Center provides ELA PD and support for adult education programs, including self-paced modules, recorded webinars, live sessions, multi-layered courses, coaching, consulting, and resources related to curriculum and instruction. Based at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA, we serve programs throughout the state.

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ELA: Upcoming Events


Teaching Adult Learners with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: An Overview (Online Facilitated)

Learn about common language-based learning disabilities (LBLD), such as dyslexia, and about specific strategies to support adult learners with LBLD.


Formative Assessment in Adult Education ELA Classes (Online Facilitated)

Explore both in-person formative assessments and remote formative assessments, plan to incorporate these into your instruction, and report back on...


The Recipe for Success: The CCRSAE and Instructional Shifts for ELA (Online Self-Paced)--October

What: This brief, engaging, online, self-paced mini-course provides an overview of the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education...

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ELA: Resources, Research and Curriculum


In this series of four videos, two instructors and the director of Abisi Adult Education Center in Lowell, MA introduce you to the STAR program...

Research/Evidence-Based Practice

What does WIOA have to say about EBRI and STAR? How are EBRI and STAR related? Do you have to offer them in your program? Read this 2-page brief that...

Research/Evidence-Based Practice

Context: WIOA requires ABE programs to provide explicit and systematic instruction in essential components of reading to adult learners of all levels...

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