Happy Fall in New England - from the ESOL PD Center

Classes are underway. Students are settling in. First assessments have been completed. Fall has officially arrived. At the SABES ESOL PD Center, we continue to plan and design PD opportunities to support your work - focusing on integrating our newly revised ESOL professional standards, heightened awareness and incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices, and a continued focus on the use of the appropriate educational technologies necessary to effectively teach ESOL in a remote, in-person, or blended environment. We continue to use your valuable feedback to develop PD that will enrich your work and meet your needs, and encourage you to peruse our website for additional resources and PD. A few items we'd like to highlight include:


  • NEW! Professional Development Menu for MA ESOL Professional Standards: This Google site is a wonderful starting point for your exploration of the newly revised ESOL Professional Standards. With an overall introductory graphic, easy navigation, and page dedicated to each standard (which includes the standard language, introductory video, and upcoming PD), this site will be a useful resource for you to refer back to time and again. Check back regularly as it is a work in progress and we continue to improve it as it grows.

ESOL Standards graphic

Upcoming Professional Development: Our upcoming sessions are sure to pique your interest! For a snapshot of our plans for the year, please review our Year-At- A-Glance -

And for those of you looking for some self-paced options, check out some of our other favorites when you get the chance: The Introduction to the Revised MA Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult Speakers of Other LanguagesThe Learners' View on Zoom - A Collection of Tiny Videos and Viewer's Guide for Smartphone Use on Zoom ESOL Recorded Session Library

All of this to say, we are here for you and excited to launch into a new year of growth and learning with you. Interested in a topic and don't see it here? Reach out and let us know! 

The ESOL PD Center Team:

(A brief and light-hearted video with tips on participating in virtual sessions. Oh, the things we have seen! :).

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Google Drive and Docs for ESOL Learners' Digital Literacy Skills Development - For Beginner Users (Online Facilitated)

Are you interested in learning how Google Drive and Google Docs can help your ESOL students develop their digital literacy...


WhatsApp for Enhanced ESOL Instruction - Beyond the Basics (Online Facilitated)

Beyond features for sharing texts and basic communication with ESOL students, WhatsApp can enhance ESOL instruction through a number of...


Exploring Effective ESOL Instruction (Online Facilitated)

In this online, multi-session workshop we explore and provide many opportunities to apply best instructional practices for teaching adult English...

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ESOL: Resources, Research and Curriculum


An overview of the ESOL PD Center's offerings for the year, starting in August, to help you plan your professional development.


Within this PDF, you will find links to valuable tips about ESOL teaching best practices by viewing these videos created by the SABES ESOL PD Center...


This resource is comprised of two separate components: the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards (MA ELPS) document, and three overview...

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