SABES Upcoming Events
Title Date Overview
Using the ELA Proficiency Guide to Enhance Teaching and Learning - April (Self-Paced Modules)

This online, self-paced course introduces ABE/ASE practitioners and instructional leaders to the ELA Proficiency Guide, which applies the Massachusetts ABE Professional Standards specifically to ELA instruction. The course includes self-reflection activities that culminate in the development of a professional… read more

Scaffolded Writing Strategies: From Sentences to Paragraphs (Online Facilitated) -

Learn specific instructional strategies for teaching basic writing skills to struggling writers, particularly students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD), such as dyslexia.

The Recipe for Success: The CCRSAE and Instructional Shifts for ELA - April (Self-Paced Modules)

What: This engaging, self-paced course provides an overview of the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education for English Language Arts and Literacy (CCRSAE-ELA).

Why: For standards-aligned curricula and standards-aligned teaching, you need to know the… read more

Introduction to Teaching Skills That Matter (Self-Paced Modules)

This introduction to the Teaching Skills That Matter in Adult Education (TSTM) Toolkit provides an overview of the toolkit framework. The introduction also provides materials and guidance to train teachers to… read more

Introduction to Diagnostic Assessment of Reading - May (Self-Paced Modules)

Introduction to Diagnostic Assessment of Reading is an online self-paced short course for anyone who wants to learn more about these diagnostic assessments and why they are so important to evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI).

Practitioners who will actually administer these assessments should take the longer… read more