SABES Upcoming Events
Title Date Overview
Differentiation by Design: Optimizing Learning for All Learners! (Online Facilitated) -

This online facilitated session explores how teachers of adult learners can vary content, instructional processes, and assessments of learning outcomes to assure success for learners with varying backgrounds, levels, and needs. The session will provide examples for English learners at beginning through advanced… read more

BeCALM Geometry: Remote-Ready Curriculum for Beginning Learners (GLE 2-4) (Online Facilitated) -

BeCALM (Beginning Curriculum for Adults Learning Math) contains remote-ready units for adult learners who need math instruction at beginning levels (GLE 2-4). This workshop will introduce this curriculum, which can be used remotely or in person. The resource includes a printable student packet and shape set and a teacher’s guide… read more

Rethinking Fractions (Online Facilitated) -

Do your students struggle with fractions? Do you find students asking to be shown the steps “just one more time”?  In this online workshop, we will explore some of the gaps that adult students often have in their foundational number sense around fractions and look at some activities and strategies for helping students develop… read more

CALM Introduction (Self-Paced Modules)

This course is designed for teachers who are using or want to use the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM). CALM was created by the SABES Mathematics and Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD center to give teachers a full, rich, conceptually-based curriculum. CALM… read more

Using the Math Proficiency Guide to Become a More Effective Math Teacher (Self-Paced Modules)

The Mathematics Proficiency Guide for Teachers of Adult Education is one of several companion pieces to the MA Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult Education. The Math Proficiency Guide is… read more