These teacher-designed materials are effective ESOL and AE teaching tools and will help provide a safe and welcoming classroom. They are associated with the “Talking about Race” issue of The Change Agent (Issue #42). 

 All the materials are freely provided.

  • “Existing While Black”: A Worksheet for ESOL Learners by Lisa Gimbel
  • “Best Practices for Talking about Race” by Lisa Gimbel and Riva Pearson
  • “Teaching to Unlearn Racism” by Judy Hofer
  • “Who Paved the Way?” by Kathleen Budway
  • “Preparing My Students to Write about Race” by Hazel Robin
  • “Exploring Racism: Police, Stereotypes, and the Possibility of a Better World” by Manny Reynoso
  • “The Construction of Race in the U.S.: An Early History” by Cynthia Peters
  • “Using Sources: Unpacking a Well-Researched Article” by Kathleen O’Connell
  • “Race and Voting Rights in 2016: Lesson Ideas” — by Andy Nash and Cynthia Peters
  • Two students discuss why we should talk about race in the adult education classroom:  Dalsaint Lavoir, an ESOL student at JVS Boston, MA and 

Matias Rodriguez, former GED student at Pima/El Rio Learning Center in Tucson, Arizona

Topic Area
ADEI (anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion)
ESOL/English Learners
Mathematics and Adult Numeracy
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SABES English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Curriculum & Instruction PD Center