Register for an April 12th webinar: Briefing on Jobs and Workforce Development Policy Featuring: “Rapid Reemployment for a Just and Equitable Recovery”

This white paper—Fund Rapid Reemployment for a Just and Equitable Recovery— outlines "five recommendations for helping the unprecedented number of lower-wage workers who lost jobs during the pandemic shift into good new jobs."

This paper was authored by Boston Indicators, SkillWorks, Workforce Solutions Group and Massachusetts Workforce Association, and with input from a range of additional workforce organizations.

In reading this paper, you will review the gaps in the existing workforce system and the effects of the current crisis, and learn about five focused policy recommendations for ramping up a rapid reemployment strategy. These recommendations are a "call to action to pave the way for an equitable recovery and sustainable economic future for Massachusetts. With a new influx of federal stimulus dollars expected this spring, it is imperative that efforts be targeted to people who have been hurt the most during the pandemic; and ideally, to help them thrive beyond pre-Covid levels."

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