The Integrated Education and Training Design Toolkit guides teams or individuals through the planning process for identifying, designing, and implementing an integrated education and training (IET) program that incorporates learner and employer needs. The toolkit is organized into four sections to reflect the iterative phases of planning and implementation: Research and Assess, Design and Plan, Develop and Implement, and Evaluate and Improve.

Ideal for teams to complete and review together in sequential order, though individuals or teams can draw inspiration, ideas, and guidance from any section of the toolkit at any time, and can benefit from the linked supporting resources in the appendix. 

The four sections of the toolkit are broken down as follows:

Phase 1: Research and Assess

Teams can engage in the process to assess regional workforce development and adult learner needs and available resources. Includes the IET Assess Tool.

Phase 2: Design and Plan

The Design and Plan section walks through an organized design process to identify program goals, create an IET program, and design a learner experience that addresses the needs of businesses and adult learners. Includes the IET Planning Tool.

Phase 3: Develop and Implement

The Develop and Implement section supports the development of integrated curricula and contextualized instructional and training materials.

Phase 4: Evaluate and Improve

The Evaluate and Improve section guides continuous improvement of the IET program to adapt to changing workforce and learner needs. Includes information about preparing for more formal evaluations.

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