We can use math to explore and impact social justice issues in our lives and country. Our students live in the world, and by inviting them to explore what is happening around us, we allow them to bring their whole selves into our classrooms. We also give them space to make sense of the world in a learning community and show how math can be a tool in that sense-making. We can learn with our students how to use math as a tool to understand, reimagine, and when necessary, change our world.

Developed by the Adult Numeracy network, this resource is a collection of resources for engaging students in exploring social and political issues in math class. 

  • Scroll one-quarter of the way down the page to the section "Social Justice & Math: General Resources."
    • RadicalMath empowers educators to address issues of social and racial justice in math classrooms. They have a brand-new website with curriculum and lesson planning resources, all of which can be searched by math content and/or social justice issue.
  • Then scroll halfway down the page to the section "Statistical Literacy and the Stories We Tell."
    • Black Stats by Monique Morris - There’s no defeating white supremacist myths without data—real data. Black Stats is a compact and useful guide that offers up-to-date figures on Black life in the United States today, avoiding jargon and assumptions and providing critical analyses and information. Share These Stats About Black America with the Racist in Your Life (Mother Jones, Feb. 2014)
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