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In this series of four videos, two instructors and the director of Abisi Adult Education Center in Lowell, MA introduce you to the STAR program (Student Achievement in Reading), how they implement STAR in their classrooms, and its positive impact on their adult learners. 

Work on this series was begun just before COVID-19 hit Massachusetts in March, 2020. Thus, the only in-class footage that you see was from a "scouting" visit. We are grateful to Abisi for allowing us into your classroom and to our video stars: 

  • Betty McKiernan, Director
  • Christina Cronin and Maura McCabe, STAR instructors
  • Nancy Bernard, STAR tutor
  • Channa Dun and Bunna Keo, STAR students (Video 4) and all the students in the STAR classroom!
  • The Abisi Facebook page for many of the images

We hope these videos will provide a great insight into what actually happens in a STAR classroom, and how the teachers and director feel about STAR.  The videos you are about to preview focus on Fluency and a short Vocabulary lesson.  In the future, we are hoping to capture Alphabetics and Comprehension to complete the four components of reading for EBRI/STAR instruction: Alphabetics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension. 

To turn on closed captioning, click on "CC" in the bottom right and then choose "English (United States)."

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