The STAR Vocabulary Lesson video demonstrates on how to teach vocabulary to a STAR class using explicit instruction.

Joan Schottenfeld is the teacher and also is a certified STAR trainer. She is joined in this video by her students from the Boston Centers for Youth and Families/Perkins Adult Learning Program.

In this video, Joan demonstrates on how to use the evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) strategy Quadrant Chart. Please note how Joan incorporates using a prompt during the vocabulary instruction in order to help the students remember this particular meaning of the new vocabulary word. Joan also uses the Knowledge Rating Scale prior to learning the new vocabulary words. Then, after explanation of the word, she revisits the chart with her students so they can self-assess if they knew the correct meaning of the word.

Select the play button below to view the video. You can view a full screen version of the video here.

STAR Vocabulary Lesson from SABES/ACLS on Vimeo.

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EBRI (Evidence-Based Reading Instruction)
STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading)
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