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This offering is a facilitated regional sharing and learning group for new and experienced advisors. Agenda topics are selected based on the interests and needs of attendees and emerging issues in the field, and they are posted two weeks before the meeting.

This advisor sharing group meeting is open to those working in the Central region. 


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Both new and experienced advisors. Instructors who play a role in education and career planning are also welcome to attend to share and learn about best practices and resources

Advisors from Central Massachusetts are invited to join this sharing and learning conversation via Zoom. The focus of this meeting will be addressing student barriers to improve attendance and engagement. Advisors will have the opportunity to connect with others in the region, share program updates and ideas, explore student barriers to attendance and engagement, and support each other with resources and strategies that are working in your programs.

  • How are you addressing student barriers to attendance and engagement in your program? 
  • How is your program working to build a culture of student self-efficacy and persistence to address these barriers?
  • What has been effective in a remote environment? What do we continue, and what changes can we anticipate going forward?
  • What strategies and successes can you share? What community resources are you using, and how do you connect students to these resources?
  • Shainy Fuentes Gonzalez, Program Manager at Family Resource Center in Worcester will join us to discuss relevant resources and programming. 

Participants are encouraged to email with questions to discuss and resources to share, and to come prepared to share program updates, recruitment for upcoming cohorts, and any other opportunities for students in the region.

We will be meeting via Zoom, and Ruzica Banovic will send you information and the link for joining online a few days prior to the meeting.

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