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This group is for staff whose work includes digital skill-building support for students and teachers, including (but definitely not limited to) technology specialists, digital navigators, and instructors. 

Do you want to hear from colleagues on what they have been doing at their programs and share what you have been doing at yours? Do you have ideas for supporting staff or students that you would like feedback on? In these meetings, you are invited to share digital literacy tools, resources, and strategies that you have found to be effective in your work at your program. You will hear from colleagues about their practices. You are also welcome to ask fellow technology coordinators your questions. 

This is a great way to strengthen your practice and find some new ideas for supporting students and colleagues around digital skills instruction. We will decide on topics as a group so that we address current needs and interests.

For half of this meeting, Gabriel Brum, Digital Literacy Instructor at the Immigrant Learning Center, will explain their successful model for the way he provides push-in support in classes by teaching several lessons each quarter and by assisting teachers, as well as by having drop-in office hours and 1:1 support for students. 

Questions? Contact Diana Satin at

To help prepare for this meeting, please let the group know your questions and the topics you’re interested in discussing. Post them to our discussion board by March 13.


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Technology specialists, digital navigators, and anyone providing digital literacy or technology support to students or staff
  • Any level of experience

This sharing and learning group hopes to build a community to support you in your practice, as well as a space to exchange approaches to the work you do.

Digital Literacy & Technology Support Staff Sharing Groups are held quarterly. The next meeting will be held on a summer date TBD. Attendance at all meetings is welcomed but not required.

Questions? Contact Diana Satin at

Several days before the event, Jane Brandt at will send you an email with the Zoom link.

If you can’t attend this session, we will be offering it again online this year in the summer (date TBD). 

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