We are pleased to announce the FY23 launch of the ACLS and SABES Digital Literacy Advisory Group. The members selected for this group represent a broad cross section of program types, locations, and staff roles.

Meet the Digital Literacy Advisory Group Members

You can meet the team and learn about the digital literacy tools they use here!

Digital Literacy Advisory Group Goals

In FY23, the work of the Digital Literacy Advisory Group is to:

  • Help ACLS and SABES understand program strengths and needs, what’s working, where challenges exist, and other factors that influence this work.
  • Make ACLS and SABES aware of new and ongoing professional development needs to support the field’s progress toward digital literacy proficiency for all staff and students.
  • Make key recommendations for ACLS and SABES to consider regarding specific actions that can drive change and support programs.

Connect with Us

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