Over the last year, we have been hard at work on a much-needed update to the MA Adult Literacy Hotline. We are so pleased to share that the Hotline is now the MA Adult Education Help Desk, with a brand new website and program portal to match.

Why the update? We redesigned and renamed the Help Desk to better reflect what students told us they wanted from the website and the call line. Our new website is more accessible and informative for learners, with a search function that is both more powerful and easier to use. The search function is now powered by a program portal, where you can access and update your program information without having to go through us.

The “Find a Program” feature has been populated with data from our existing database, so you will most likely see your program if you run a quick search.

What do I need to do? We built the framework, but now we need your help to update your existing program information and add some new details that we’re sharing for the first time. If you're a program leader, please check your email for instructions to create an account, login, and update your program information. 

Can I share it? The new website is live: you may use and share it freely. The old MA Adult Literacy Hotline website will continue to exist for the next few weeks and months, when we will launch a campaign to promote the Help Desk. The Public Adult Education website will begin to direct anyone looking for a program to the new Help Desk website at that time, and you will also receive resources and materials to share with your learners and community as they look for classes.

If you need any assistance in your program updates, or have any other questions, please contact Alexandra at alexandra_papagno@worlded.org, or Jane at jane_brandt@worlded.org. Thank you!


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