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Math is present in many types of art from many different cultures. What pleases us aesthetically may do so because things like angles and symmetry resonate with us. The Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) has collected a variety of resources for teachers to bring art into their classes in mathematical ways. Students can express themselves creatively while exploring topics like angles, symmetry, polygons, measurement and even algebra!

Some things you’ll find on the page are:

  • Classroom-ready lessons on symmetry and algebraic thinking created by ANN
  • Videos about Islamic geometry
  • A link to #MathArtChallengeA collection of over 100 math art challenges/activities that are searchable by math concept.
  • Mathematical Art Lessons at artfulmaths.com that explore a variety of mathematical topics and include PowerPoint presentations and other resources. Check out the exploration of multiple representations (fractions, decimals, percents) in the Modern Art Maths section. (This tool from Visnos.com provides a way to do this activity virtually.)
  • Links to archives of the annual Math Photo Challenge

In a math class, this information could be tied into lessons on geometry (shapes, angles, and symmetry), algebraic thinking, and measurement. Check out our lesson plan Seeing Math in Art: A Colorful Exploration of Probability for an example.

The EMPower™ book Over, Around, and Within is one source for lessons about shapes and angles to support students’ artistic endeavors. These lessons could also be incorporated into lessons in other subjects such as art history, culture, diversity, and inclusion.

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