Career Coaches Community of Practice sponsored by SkillWorks and United Way (MA)

Mental Health: How to Talk About It and Develop Community Partnerships to Support It

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 10:00 - 11:30am

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What exactly does mental health mean? What is its relevance to career coaching? How do you talk about it with clients when you are a career coach, not a clinician? And, how can your program identify and build partnerships to support client well-being? Join the SkillWorks Community of Practice for MA coaches and advisors as we learn from an innovative and successful partnership between United Way’s Launch Program, the Boston Private Industry Council, and New Generation Associates and Consultants. Hear from presenters who will share how this partnership and approach serves clients of all ages. Presenters are:

  • Sonya M. Patton, MHC, MCLC, Master Certified Life Coach/Trainer/Consultant & Educator

  • Sophia Rehmus, Launch Career Coach

  • Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby, Education/Trainer/Consultant, Mental Health Therapist/Author, New Generations

  • Nasham Tejeda, Launch Healing Centered Organizing Project Coordinator

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