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This free ESL curriculum, developed by Dr. Glenda Rose and Dr. Denise Guckert, provides 20 paper-based lessons to teach digital literacy skills, starting with the basics of the alphabet and keyboard, and advancing to internet usage.

The Digital Access and Resilience in Texas (DART) curriculum integrates beginning English language learning with foundational digital skills. The curriculum is intended to supplement existing English language instruction in lower-level adult ESOL classes.

The materials provided support development of the following foundational digital literacy skills:

  • Recognizing and typing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and common symbols on a computer and smartphone keyboard.
  • Turning on and shutting down a computer and putting it into and waking it up from sleep mode.
  • Checking for/connecting to a wireless network and logging in and out of a computer.
  • Opening and closing an app from the desktop, taskbar, and the taskbar search bar.
  • Minimizing, maximizing, restoring down, moving, and resizing app windows.
  • Typing in a website address into a browser website address bar, using the scroll bar, and clicking on hyperlinked text and images.
  • Practicing basic digital security by avoiding web page advertisements.
  • Performing a simple Internet search, clicking on a result, and returning to the search results using the browser's back arrow.
  • Creating a compliant username and complex password that is easy to remember for a Gmail account.
  • Logging in and out of a Gmail account using a compliant username and complex password.
  • Identifying and avoiding opening links in suspect emails and text messages.
  • Identifying basic troubleshooting techniques.
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