Reading Skills for Today's Adults (RSTA) is an online collection of leveled readings addressing various topics of interest to adult learners. It's a well-known resource in adult education, but some don't know that a group of teachers worked collaboratively to build engaging instructional supplements to add to the existing library. Each reading has a collection of accompanying materials such as pre-and post-reading questions and a fully developed Wakelet to help make the reading and accompanying materials easily accessible to teachers and students. 

Wakelet is a digital platform that allows teachers and students to organize learning materials from multiple locations in one place. The RSTA Wakelet includes Quizlet vocabulary sets, RSTA readings, and Google Form comprehension checks. Teachers and students can access Wakelet on their computers or the free mobile app. As students use Wakelet, they develop their ability to navigate online platforms, problem-solve, and enhance their digital resiliency. 

The SABES ELA PD Center has created short and long RSTA Navigation Guides and a video overview to support your exploration of new resources for reading instruction to engage your learners on the RSTA website.

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