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The Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM) was designed to give adult students a strong conceptual foundation in mathematics. Teachers who have worked with CALM know that it relies heavily on tactile manipulatives, visuals, and student collaboration and may feel very different (to both students and teachers) from the way they learned in school when they were younger.

For 2021-2022, we're pleased to announce facilitated CALM Support workshops as well as the debut of a new self-paced introductory mini-course. Please check the SABES calendar for dates.


CALM INTRODUCTION (online self-paced course)

This online asynchronous mini-course will provide an overview of the components of CALM, including the guiding principles, scope and sequence, developmental progressions, lesson structure, and teacher/student materials.

2022 dates coming soon!


CALM SUPPORT SERIES (live monthly online workshops; morning & afternoon sections)

This series is intended to help teachers deepen their understanding of the content, teaching strategies, and overall organization of the CALM curriculum. Each support session will focus on a specific content topic. Participants will experience CALM activities on that topic, reflect on CALM’s approach to teaching that topic, and share ideas and questions with other teachers.

   CALM Support topic schedule


CALM ORIENTATION (face-to-face, full-day)

Tentatively returning in Spring 2022; subject to public health recommendations.

  • A full-day opportunity for both directors and teachers to begin to understand how CALM is different from traditional math teaching. Directors are encouraged to participate in this orientation so that they understand how to help their teachers implement CALM. Teachers will have access to an online community of teachers using CALM. In it, they can share challenges and strategies and support each other as well as communicate with the CALM development team. Teachers will also be able to access the entire curriculum digitally.
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