Follow-up for your students: ACP is a federal program to make internet connectivity accessible to those with low income. If you have students getting free or discounted internet connectivity through this program, or if you have students who'd benefit, here is a reminder of important information from ACP: 

  • Starting late January 2024: Households currently receiving a monthly ACP benefit started to receive notices from their internet companies with information about the end of the ACP benefit. This information included timing of the end of the program and the impact of the loss of the benefit on the household’s bill and service.   
  • February 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET: This is the last day that the ACP will accept new applications and enrollments. Eligible households must be approved and enrolled with an internet company by 11:59 PM ET on February 7th to receive the ACP benefit until the program ends. Starting February 8, 2024, there will be no more enrollments into the ACP.* 
  • April 2024: The timeframe the FCC anticipates ACP funding will run out if Congress does not provide additional funding. Currently, the FCC expects consumers that are enrolled in the ACP to continue to receive their full benefit on their internet service through at least April 2024. 

Visit and for more information and further updates. ( has some information in Spanish.)

Please note: ACP includes the opportunity to get a $100 discount on buying a computer, laptop, or tablet. 

* View our Center’s recorded webinar with information on applying for ACP. 

Other sources of low-cost internet access and discounted devices

See our Digital Literacy Discussion under Technology and Connectivity Access. Options include Lifeline, Internet Essentials, NDIA, and more.

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