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Holyoke Community College Offers Culinary Class for ESOL Students

New England Public Media put together a video showcasing the culinary class for ESOL students at Holyoke Community College (HCC). The two-month program is run on HCC's satellite campus on Race Street in Holyoke's Cubit Coworks building.

Career Planning and Job Search Resources for Advisors

This collection of resources has been developed for advisors so that they can help students with the career awareness and exploration process.

After Whiteness: A Three-Part Exploration

In a series of articles recently published in Language magazine, the authors present a reconceptualized version of the field of English language teaching (ELT) which has been decentered from whiteness. Their exploration focuses on three related areas of ELT: classrooms, training and labor, and the the teacher training industry. The series starts with an examination of racism and whiteness in the English language classroom and continues with a discussion of ELT training and the ways in which an ELT field fully divested from whiteness would better serve teachers as well as learners.

Discriminatory Practices in the Hiring of Non­-Native English Language Teachers

In this article about the history of preferential hiring practices favoring native English-speaking teachers over non-native speakers, the authors explain the development of this discriminatory tendency in the English language teaching (ELT) field. In addition to documenting the history and research findings, the article summarizes some of the different linguistic, socio­cultural, and pedagogical strengths and weaknesses offered by both native English-speaking and non-native English-speaking teachers.

Cult of Pedagogy: Where to Find Real History in the Anti-CRT Era

In her October 4, 2022 post on the Cult of Pedagogy blog, Jennifer Gonzalez shares a collection of online resources for teachers to teach and examine history through a critical and inclusive lens. The resources include educational readings, videos, podcasts, images, primary sources, and lesson plans. 

ELA Unit Plan: Take Action! Civic Engagement (GLE 8-11)

Take Action! is a civic engagement unit developed for a social studies class at the HSE level. Students learn about the fundamentals and limitations of the municipal, state, and federal levels of government, and apply this knowledge by writing about an issue of importance to them in a formal letter to an elected official.


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