SABES Events Through Friday, 12/2

Today we are sending out a list of open Math and Numeracy offerings through December 2nd.  Check out the Program Support Upcoming Events Calendar tab or visit the new Event Listing from the Calendar page anytime! 

Online Facilitated Sessions

Friday, 11/4

BeCALM Part 2 Operation Sense: Remote-Ready Curriculum for Beginning Math Learners (GLE 2-4) 

Monday, 11/7

Estimation for Understanding: Teaching Estimation as a Way to Develop Number Sense

Wednesday, 11/9

CALM Support Series: Area Models

Friday, 11/18

Celebrating the Diversity of Mathematical Minds

CALM Support Series: Proportional Reasoning

Wednesday, 11/30

Numeracy Routines That Develop Language 


Self-Paced Sessions

Opens Tuesday, 11/1

CALM Introduction

Opens Thursday, 12/1

CALM Introduction


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