How have you been dealing with this week's news in your classes, or reacting when your students bring it up? Teaching Tolerance advises,

Do not quiet or dismiss students who want to talk about what's happening. This is an issue of immediate importance, and it will occupy their minds whether you discuss it in class or not. Set aside the time necessary to catch them up on the news available to you, and debrief.

Here are a few possible resources from the many that are out there. What have you used? Write and let us know.

Specifically about 1/6/2021:

You may also find it interesting to compare several news sources from outside the country as well as within. For example, here is the BBC World News reporting of reactions from world leaders, and their overall coverage.

General Media Literacy / Responding to News:

Thinking Strategies

Finally, consider using one of the strategies from Project Zero's Thinking Routine Toolbox, filtered here for "perspectives, controversies, and dilemmas."

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