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In this session, conducted in Zoom, you will learn some practical ways to use Google Docs (part of the Google Suite) for remote instruction whether it is to lead a class or small group or for one-on-one tutoring. You will move beyond basic familiarity with Google Doc tools to integrating the tools and features into ESOL instruction. 

Please note: You will access Zoom and other support materials via Blackboard. You cannot access the online course from the SABES website. You will receive a separate email from Joanne Harrington at Quinsigamond Community College 1-2 days before the course begins with instructions on how to access the Blackboard course and the Zoom session. 


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Teachers of adult ESOL learners of any level
  • ESOL teachers with novice to intermediate experience using Google Docs

During the 2-hour facilitated Zoom session, you will explore features of Google Docs that will allow you to create, adapt, and enhance learning experiences for students during in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous instruction:

  • Creating and formatting tables to organize information
  • Using the Explore feature (to do research, find/insert images, and add citations)
  • Adding links to text, adding/changing links to images
  • Doing basic image editing
  • Accepting/rejecting suggestions so they become a part of a final draft
  • Browsing and installing Education Add-ons 


  • You will need to have access to a Gmail account for this training. If you do not currently have a Google account, you can create one free of charge. (
  • Although Zoom is mobile-friendly, you will greatly enhance your experience by participating on a laptop or desktop computer. 
    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this professional development activity/course, you will be able to:

  • Use several features in Google Docs to set-up and carry out interactive, communicative activities for synchronous adult ESOL learning
  • Interact with adult ESOL students and collaborators by using the Comments and Chat features within Google Docs (for synchronous and asynchronous teaching)
Presenter(s) / Facilitator(s)

By registering for the Integrating Google Docs - Beyond the Basics course, you are acknowledging an understanding of the concepts discussed in the Beginner session:

  • Creating class folders in Google Drive
  • Accessing the Google Docs Blank Document - Template Gallery options
  • Creating documents from scratch or from a template
  • Setting/modifying/sharing editing privileges
  • Using the Google Docs Comments feature

We will move forward in this Beyond the Basics session with the expectation that all registrants have these skills and concepts, and will not review them during the session. If any of these above tasks are unfamiliar to you, we invite you to register for Google Drive/Docs for the Virtual ESOL Classroom - Beginner Users for a refresher.


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