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The SABES Mathematics and Adult Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD Center is managed by the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC. Our center provides high-quality professional development (PD) so that teachers can better help adult learners understand how math is present and relevant in everyday life, and how learners can use this knowledge to improve their own lives and communities. 


Looking for information on the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM)? Visit the CALM website.

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See all currently scheduled SABES PD on the Upcoming Events list (filter by "Math and Numeracy") or search the SABES PD CalendarSummaries of all math and numeracy PD (including PD not currently scheduled) are available. Participants from MA ACLS-funded programs have priority for event registration, but others are welcome as space allows.


Coaching and program-based PD are available to ACLS-funded programs on request. Contact our Center!


Here are some of the many other services we offer:

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Contact us: Would you like to bring math PD to your program, suggest a resource, or ask a question? We’re here! Contact our director, Heidi Schuler-Jones, at, or email

Math & Numeracy: Upcoming Events


Getting Started with Problem-Based Learning (Online Facilitated)

We want our students prepared to earn their high school credential and develop employability and life skills, while incorporating CCRS...


Introduction to Teaching Skills That Matter (Self-Paced Modules)

This introduction to the Teaching Skills That Matter in Adult Education (TSTM) Toolkit provides an overview of the toolkit framework...


BeCALM Measurement and Data: Curriculum for Beginning Math Learners (GLE 2-4) (Online Facilitated)

Adults who are beginning math learners can sometimes find themselves left behind by HSE curriculum or stuck trying to memorize...

Math and Numeracy : Videos

Math & Numeracy: Resources, Research and Curriculum


This resource is a practice brief on effective instructional practices and examples for teaching math to English learners (ELs) produced by the U.S...


This packet introduces an instructional routine called a Test Talk. Test Talks will help you create and nurture a classroom culture that values...


Achieve a Big Effect Through Small Actions For two years, SABES Math & Adult Numeracy (M&N) consultant Lakshmi Nayak had a visually impaired, legally...

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