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My name is Jeanne Burke. I have been working in the field of Adult ESOL for over 25 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, ESOL program director/coordinator, grant administrator, curriculum specialist, and workshop presenter. I have contributed to multiple ACLS and SABES projects including the MA ESOL Curriculum Framework (2005) and the MA Professional Standards for ESOL Teachers (2013). I have developed materials and delivered presentations on Effective Program Design, New Director Support, Teaching Multi-level ESOL classes, Motivating and Supporting Teachers, and Integrating Professional Skills into the ESOL Curriculum. I recently retired from my position as Program Director at Martha's Vineyard Adult Learning Program, after 20 years, and am focusing my consultancy work on teacher training and development. I hold a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics for Teaching English as a Second Language from UMass/Boston.