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Karen Greaves teaches financial literacy vocabulary, with activities that incorporate technology and provide opportunities for students to make connections to their own lives.

Find evidence of the following indicators from the Instructional Practice (P) domain of the English Language Arts Proficiency Guide for Teachers of Adult Education:

  • K1.2 English Language Acquisition
  • K1.3 Adult Teaching and Learning
  • P1.4 Meeting Diverse Needs

This video is part of the series Remote ELA Instructional Practices, filmed at the Boston Public Schools Adult Education Program in the summer of 2021. Watch other videos in the series: Remote ELA Instructional Practices

These videos depict a range of practices to support activities that promote a shared understanding of instructional quality. Select the video(s) that best meet your needs.   

Topic Area
CCRSAE (College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education)
EBRI (Evidence-Based Reading Instruction)