Mathematics Professional Standards Self-Evaluations are available to MA teachers to reflect on their math practice. Each of these online self-evaluations is aligned with an ABE Professional Standard. The evaluations can then be used to help create a professional learning plan.

Teachers already familiar with the Math Proficiency Guide are encouraged to use the Mathematics Professional Standards Self-Evaluations periodically as a precursor to developing a new Math Professional Learning Plan.

The Self-Evaluation Tool below includes a selection of 10 of the 18 ABE Professional Standards Indicators from across six Standards and three Domains. To get started with the Tool, consider which of the indicators currently present the greater challenge to you versus those that already are your strengths. Start with one or two indicators to focus on, and then click on their indicator to access the corresponding Self-Evaluation.






K1. Content, Theory and Research

P1. Design and Instruction

C1. Growth Mindset


K1.2: English Language Acquisition

P1.1: Standards-Based Units

P1.3: Student Engagement

P1.4: Meeting Diverse Needs

C1.1: High Expectations

C1.2: Student Ownership

C1.3: Lifelong Learning


K2. Standards

P2. Assessment

C2. Reflective Practice


K2.2: College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education

P2.2: Modifying Instruction

C2.2: Goal Setting



















*Note: If you would like to see all 18 indicators, you can find them in the Math Proficiency Guide and simply use the Focus column at the end of each Indicator to note any areas you wish to work on.

Use the completed Self-Evaluations as a resource to self-assess your practice in relation to the ABE Professional Standards. For more information or support on the Focus areas you identified in the self-evaluations,  contact the SABES Math & Numeracy PD Center (M&N), view the M&N webpage, or inquire about working with an M&N coach to create a Professional Learning Plan.

New teachers or teachers who are as yet unfamiliar with the Math Proficiency Guide (Math PG) are encouraged to engage in this reflection for each Indicator, especially during their first reading of the Math PG or when they take the Using the Math Proficiency Guide to Become a More Effective Math Teacher asynchronous course. This course is offered several times a year. Check the SABES calendar for upcoming sessions. 

Experienced teachers may find it helpful to revisit this Mathematics Professional Standards Self-Evaluation Tool for particular Indicators periodically or after completion of a Professional Learning Plan.

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