Why Peer Sharing Groups Are So Valuable! 

If you have attended one of our peer sharing opportunities, you already know the benefits of these groups. The Program Support PD Center (PSPDC) coordinates and offers these opportunities because we recognize peer knowledge and support as a necessary and unique form of professional learning. Organized based on role and participant needs and interests, sharing groups offer a space that is unlike our other professional development: 

  • Participants guide the discussion
  • Peers surface challenges and share hard-won solutions
  • Topics and guest speakers are chosen based on participant request
  • Facilitators provide light structure

What Do People Find Most Valuable about Peer Sharing Groups?

Here is what participants have to say: 

  • “Sharing ideas and experiences with peers. It creates a sense of belonging and identity, a place for reflection and discussion for learning and developing new things and refining current approaches.”
  • “The ability to communicate in an environment that is supportive and non-judgmental.”
  • “The most valuable part for me has been the discussion of issues and the support from colleagues; having thought partners to incubate and share ideas with.”

Sign Up for Sharing and Learning Groups According to Your Role

Directors Sharing and Learning Groups

Offered quarterly, Directors' Sharing and Learning Groups provide you with the opportunity to network, plan the year ahead, and raise issues for discussion with your director colleagues. Check the SABES Calendar for the next round of sessions, which will be posted soon for late January and early February.

Advisor Sharing Groups 

Advisor sharing groups respond to the unique challenges and resource needs of advisors. In addition, we have an advisor sharing group for those who work in corrections. Our next round of meetings are already posted on the SABES Calendar:

MassSTEP Sharing Group

MassSTEP program staff have unique needs as they navigate the planning, partnership development, curriculum implementation, and student support components of MassSTEP programs. Join us to share your challenges and ideas at our next session

Volunteer Coordinator Sharing Group 

Volunteer coordinators are often the only staff at their organization in their role and have unique challenges as they work to balance the needs and goals of volunteers, students, and staff. Sharing groups are an opportunity for volunteer coordinators (and others working with volunteers) to connect with others in similar roles and share challenges and successes of practice. New and experienced volunteer coordinators are welcome to join. 

Upcoming sharing groups include:

Digital Literacy in Corrections Sharing Group 

The correctional environment has its own possibilities and limitations that are different from other types of programs. This sharing group came out of requests from the field for this reason. We welcome any staff from correctional programs to join us for any and all meetings. Topics depend on the group’s areas of interest and are announced in the SABES calendar posting. Please join our next meeting, scheduled for:

Feel free to contact Diana Satin at Dianarsatin@gmail.com to get on the mailing list, to ask any questions, or to arrange individualized or program support. 

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