Image of a dart boardThis page gives you information about how to target certain professional standards for your professional learning. The SABES ELA Center offers professional development opportunities and curates resources related to the MA ABE Professional Standards. The Standards and their corresponding Indicators describe the knowledge and skills expected of all Massachusetts ABE teachers, regardless of the content area they teach. The ELA Proficiency Guide tailors those Standards and Indicators specifically to ELA instruction, providing even more detail through Sample Applications.

As an ELA teacher, you are expected to be familiar with these standards documents and to use them to self-assess your ELA instruction. Drawing on that information as well as on input from students and colleagues enables you to shape your professional learning throughout your career.

Teacher Self-Assessment Tools

Several tools can support you in assessing your own practice in regard to the ABE Professional Standards.

  • ELA Self-Evaluation Tool (ELA-SET) – This is a 30-item online self-assessment that supports you in determining your comfort level with various ABE Professional Standards.
  • ELA FOCUS Reflections – Whereas the ELA Self-Evaluation Tool engages you in self-assessment of the broad Standards, the FOCUS Reflections allow you to go into more depth with specific Indicators. You may choose to reflect on one or more Indicators independently or in conjunction with the ELA-SET.

Finding PD and Resources Aligned with Targeted Standards

Click on the link below to see SABES ELA PD and resources aligned with professional Standards of interest. 

Planning for Professional Learning

Other tools are available to help ELA teachers develop an ELA Professional Learning Plan:

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