February is upon us! SABES has compiled a collection resources for your use during Black History Month—and all year long. 

11 Famous African American Mathematicians You Should Know About (Mashup Math)

Overview of the contributions of 11 famous African American mathematicians to mathematics and to STEM

Black American History (Dr. Clint Smith, Narrator)

Collection of short videos teaching about the experience of Black people in America. 

Black Heritage Collection (CommonLit)

Free texts from CommonLit include primary source documents, poems, informational texts, and more.

Black History Month: Teaching the Complete History (Learning for Justice)

Article on how to go beyond trauma and struggle to examine the liberation, civic engagement, creativity and intersecting identities of Black people.

Current Events in Your Classroom: Teaching Resources for High School and Middle School Students (Facing History and Ourselves)

A collection of lessons designed for middle school and high school students, including Lessons with slide decks, student-facing videos and texts, discussion questions, and other instructional resources. 

Facing Racism: Lesson Packet from The Change Agent

teacher-designed materials are effective ESOL and AE teaching tools and will help provide a safe and welcoming classroom. They are associated with the “Talking about Race” issue of The Change Agent (Issue #42). 

Learning with Students: Resources for Making the World More Just With Mathematics (Adult Numeracy Network)

Collection of resources for engaging students in exploring social and political issues in math class. 

Lessons to Celebrate Black History Month (Achieve the Core)

Lessons for students from grades K-10, including lesson plans and student handouts. 

National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection

Open access images from the museum's collection, filterable by topic, date/era, name, type, and place.

Race, Racism and Racial Justice Resources (New York Times)

Writing prompts, lesson plans and activities to teach and learn about race-related issues.

What is the Black History in Two Minutes (or so) Podcast? 

Videos to help students connect with important but commonly overlooked events in American history. Narrated by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and executive produced by Robert F. Smith.

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