The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 and while we have made progress towards the full inclusion of people with disabilities, AE programs still have much to learn to comply fully with the law and support students with disabilities. 

The SABES Program Support PD Center offers ADA resources and training, in partnership with the New England ADA Center , on topics such as: the definition of disability; disability rights; ADA compliance; reasonable accommodations; disability etiquette; and auxiliary aids and services. 

See the Calendar and Resource Library sections for ADA resources and PD.

ADA Resources & Training : Resources, Research and Curriculum


The Basic Disability Screenings for Adult Education Program Use (BDSAE) provides several basic screening tools that can help start the conversation...

Research/Evidence-Based Practice

The policy guide, Guidelines for Serving Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Learning Needs Enrolled in Adult Education and Family...

Research/Evidence-Based Practice

Bridges to Practice: A Research-Based Guide for Literacy Practitioners Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities is a resource with over 1,000 pages...

ADA Resources & Training: Our Team