Workplace and educational technology ecosystems are continuously expanding and evolving, so teachers and students alike need to be nimble, lifelong learners. In order to provide ample opportunities to build their students' digital literacy and resilience skills, teachers need strong foundational digital literacy skills and the capacity to creatively draw on them to craft meaningful instructional activities.

The Program Support PD Center provides PD and information on user-friendly, free, and low-cost educational technology tools, as well as an understanding of the optimum conditions, audiences, purposes, and practices for using them effectively.

We welcome your input on PD that you would find helpful. If you have questions or would like additional support, please contact our Digital Literacy PD Coordinator Diana Satin at

DESE-funded Online Learning Products 

The Program Support PD Center team collaborates with ACLS to coordinate trainings for DESE-funded online learning products. To access information about upcoming trainings, resources, and support, please go to the customized webpage we have created for each product.

You can find and register for workshops on the SABES Calendar by typing the name of the product (e.g., Newsela, EnGen) in the "Title" field.

You can learn more on each custom page for:

We are excited to work wtth you! if you have any questions or need additional support, please contact

PD "On Demand": Anywhere, Any Time!

You can access asnychronous, previously recorded PD events at your convenience on our On Demand PD site. PD is organized by strands:

  1. Advising and Communication
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. DESE-funded Online Products
  4. Remote Learning Planning and Protocols
  5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  6. Program Management

Digital Literacy and Resilience Resources

Please be sure to check out our:

Meet the ACLS and SABES Digital Literacy Advisory Group

In FY23, ACLS and SABES have convened a new Digital Literacy Advisory Group to inform our planning. You can find more information and learn about the members of this group here.

Digital Literacy : Upcoming Events


Digital Literacy Tools With a Purpose: Digital Literacy Assessments for Students With Beginner Level English Skills (Online Blended)

Yes, there are ways you can assess the digital literacy skills of your beginner-level English language learners! You will learn...


Digital Literacy & Technology Support Staff Sharing and Learning Group (Online Facilitated)

At this Digital Literacy & Technology Support Sharing & Learning Group, share digital literacy tools, resources, and strategies that you...


Aztec: New Admin and Teacher Enhancement and Locator Update (Online Facilitated)

Calling all Aztec users! Here’s an opportunity to learn about the latest updates from our Massachusetts Aztec representative, Nicole Guerra...

Digital Literacy : Resources, Research and Curriculum


AZTEC Software created this updated guide for Aztec program administrators in Massachusetts adult education programs. This guide was updated in...


The Program Support PD Center team is excited to collaborate with ACLS to coordinate access to trainings and resources for Aztec . Resources The...


This PPT from our MCAE digital literacy listening session includes the links to post to the Jamboard by 5/12/23.

Digital Literacy: Our Team

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Project Coordinator
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