Find it! Prove it! is a contextualized science unit developed for a science/English language arts class at the intermediate level (GLE 4–8). This unit emphasizes evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) and incorporates important ACLS curricular lenses, including differentiation and culturally responsive teaching. It explores the principles, vocabulary, and purposes related to the scientific method, laying the foundation for the science units that follow. This unit also lays the groundwork for the importance of identifying and using evidence, in science and in all areas of life.

Two lesson plans from the unit are also fully developed and included here. A short and long version of the first lesson plan are available, with the long version providing additional teacher directions. The unit and lesson plans use the current ACLS-approved ELA curriculum templates

Unit and Lesson Plans:

Additional Materials:

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Joan Schottenfeld developed this unit in collaboration with the SABES ELA PD Center, based on curriculum she had previously taught at Julie's Family Learning Services in Boston. In addition to teaching at Julie's, Joan is a SABES ELA Coach and certified MA STAR Trainer. Thank you to Amy Trawick (SABES ELA consultant) and Karen Greaves (SABES ELA PD Specialist) for their input.

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